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Michael D. Brooks writes both fiction and nonfiction. His stories and articles have appeared in Avenue, Bewildering Stories, The Cynic Online Magazine, Lightning Flash Magazine, 101 Words and The Philadelphia Inquirer. He writes a column of Website reviews for Associates: the Electronic Library Support Staff Journal. He has an M.A. in Writing Studies, is endeavoring to expand his fiction repertoire, and dreams of being a Jeopardy answer some day. Michael is a contributing member of several Writer's Groups. His first book, Conversations with Pop: the musings of an average guy, It is a collection of humorous flash fiction stories and is available through

Flash Fiction, Drabbles, and Short Fiction


Flash Fiction, Drabbles, and Short Fiction is a resource (and a labor of love) for writers who write (or want to write) flash fiction, micro fiction, nanofiction, or any variation of short fiction stories, and readers who enjoy reading them.

Enjoy reading short fiction? Love writing short fiction? Curious about what short fiction is? Then visit Flash Fiction, Drabbles, and Short Fiction often to see what’s happening in the world of short fiction and how you can become a part of it.

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