Can You Be Both a Writer and an Introvert?

Is it possible to be a writer and be an introvert? Yes, it is. Just because you don’t have a natural inclination to mingle and put yourself out there doesn’t mean you should give up being a writer. So what if you’re shy. Big deal. So you’re not comfortable being around people. Big whoop. You don’t have to be comfortable with anything but your writing. But how do you get noticed without being noticed? You can get noticed by working with social media.Introverted Writer

You can create a Facebook page to promote your latest book, blog, or stories. You can create a Twitter account then set about looking for other writers who share your interests. You can set your news-feeds to receive information and notices from fellow writers and those in the writing business–as well as readers.

Mystery writers write mysteries for people who enjoy reading them. Science Fiction writers write for those who enjoy reading science fiction. For every genre, there is an audience of readers.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Goodreads, or any number of social media sites, or writer communities, you can post notes, updates, and any other useful information that will get your writing and your name “out there” without you actually being out there.

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