Four Points to Consider When Sharpening Your Writing Skills

A surefire way of improving your writing is by pitting your skills against others in the competitive arena. There are four points to consider that just may help you advance your writing skills.

One: there’s always a writing prompt so you have no excuse for claiming you don’t know what to write about. The prompts will motivate you to write something, and as you do, you will think of other things to write about. The prompts usually come in two forms:

Form one: a word, phrase, or sentence.
Form two: a picture or video.

So you’ll have no excuse to not come up with something to write about. If you still can’t think of something to say after being given a writing prompt, give your brain time enough to process the prompt. Most writing contests allow adequate time to write a winning submission. Everyone has an opinion about something one way or another. Just give yourself some time to form your opinion and then expound upon it. (What I just said has already prompted some of you to form an opinion about it.)

Two: motivate yourself to write the best damn story you’ve ever written in your life. Why? Because you are competing against the best damn writers in the world–and you’re one of them. And if you don’t think of yourself as being on the same level as the best, then discipline yourself to take on the best. To be the best, you must compete with the best. Don’t second-guess yourself.

Three: if you win, place among the winners, or get an honorable mention, take the accolades and build on them. Such an accomplishment is a validation of your skills.

Four: if you don’t win or get an honorable mention, that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes. It means you enter the next contest, then the next, until you get that honorable mention or win. And when you do get that win or mention, you move on to the next contest and the next. Along the way, you may get feedback. Understand that feedback is not a criticism of you but constructive critiques of your work. Many writers get bogged down with the critiques and let that feedback deter them from pursuing their dream.  Take that feedback and learn from it. Use it as the foundation upon which you can become the best damn writer in the world.

So remember to 1) Tackle those writing prompts. 2) Do your best. 3) Build on your accomplishments and push yourself to the next level. 4) If your best isn’t good enough, try again and again.

Sure and steady finishes the race. Now get out there and compete.

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