Learn From Any Feedback You Get

As writers we hear it all the time: The best way to improve your craft is by writing every chance you get. Write! Write! Write! And there is nothing wrong with that, but all of that writing doesn’t help you improve your craft if you never get feedback.

Feedback is fine from friends and family, but the real benefit of feedback is from other writers and especially editors. No matter how well you write or how many times you’ve been published, feedback helps you become a better writer.

That’s not to say that you will always get the kind of feedback you like, but most writers and editors are not out to insult you or your work. They are willing to help you as so many others have helped them.

If you have a thin skin and are sensitive to critiques of your writing, then maybe you should think of another profession, hobby, or passion to pursue.  If someone negatively criticizes your work without the benefit of providing some positive encouragement, by all means, ignore their crassness. They are either simply mean-spirited or they just don’t know how to constructively analyze, but don’t totally discount what they have to say either. Somewhere in their scathing commentary might be a gem of wisdom you can use.

Two publications I have personally received help and advice from are Bewildering Stories and 101 Words. The editors will provide useful comments and helpful advice. At Drablr.com, the writers there vote on and comment on each other’s stories.

Feedback is a two-way street. Don’t just solicit it give it as well.

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