Give Your Story a Cold Reading


Whether you’re writing a 6-word story, a 100-word story, or a 1,000-word story, always give your work a cold reading.

So, you’ve written your story, made the umpteenth re-write to it, read it to a friend or had a friend read it for you, and now you’re ready to submit it. Don’t do it. At least not right away. Don’t even think about it. Put your story out of your mind. Put it away for a few days (or weeks) and move on to something else for awhile.

When you finally get back to your story, you’ll be able to look at it critically and creatively from a fresher perspective. You may see things you missed or hadn’t thought of initially. Once you’re satisfied with your story, submit it and move on to the next story you set aside for a cold reading.


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