About Flash Fiction Writers Retreat:

What is it about Random Thoughts of a Flash Fiction Writer that you should know? It is a labor of love and a place where the average writer of flash fiction and short stories can come and visit.

That’s the parent who comes home after a long day at work then sits down with their computer and bangs out a few sentences and paragraphs dreaming the day they’ll submit the next great story. That’s the college student who is looking to improve their skills with eloquent prose or the retiree looking to begin a second career or supplement their income freelancing.

That’s you and me.

Random Thoughts of a Flash Fiction Writer is always evolving. Stop back from time to time to see what’s old and what’s new. You might find something for you.

A little about me:

By day, I have a full-time job, not as a writer. By night, I write and live my life outside of work. My weekends are whatever I can squeeze into two days–or not.

I have published op-eds, feature articles, and reviews in national and international publications. I actively write short stories and dabble in Drabbles at Drablr.com, earned an MA in Writing Studies, enjoy gleaning information about writing, technology, science fiction, and surfing the web.

My latest book, More Conversations with Pop, is a follow-up to Conversations with Pop: the musings of an average guy. Both are available in print, Kindle, and audio formats. A flash fiction story, “Loveless Love,” was recently published in 101 Words. Another flash story, “Innocence Lost,” was selected for inclusion in Flash Fiction Magazine – Issue 2 (Volume 2).

I am currently working on my third book of flash fiction featuring Pop.