Use Your Google Calendar App to Stay on Track with Your Goals

According to a study in an article in the Independent, the second Friday in January (known as Quitter’s Day) is when most people give up on their resolutions. An article in the Business Insider says 80% of people give up on their resolutions by February.

It’s three weeks into the new year. How are you on keeping up with the goals you set for yourself? Remember, don’t make resolutions, set goals. And make them realistic.

If you’ve set goals, you can keep track of them by using the Google Calendar app on your phone. Just tap the app, tap the plus sign button at the bottom right, then select Goal. Choose one of the five options closest to your goals. (I chose Organize my life.)┬áThen select Custom. Personalize your goal by typing in the goal you want to reach.

The app will ask you how often you want to perform your goal, for how long you’ll want to engage in it, and what time of the day you’ll want to do it. Make your picks then click the checkmark; the goal becomes part of your calendar.

The app will take a look at your schedule and try to determine the best fit for your goal then ask you if it looks good to you or if you want to adjust the time. If you want to adjust the time, tap Adjust Time, click the pencil edit icon and make your changes. When you’re done, just save your changes.