Writing Prompts

Kickstart your creative juices with writing prompts.

January 2018

  • “If there’s any justice in the universe, I sure as hell don’t see it.”
  • “Did you ever notice in the movies and TV no matter how loud the music is playing at a party the doorbell can always be heard?”
  • Bigotry is the folly of the ignorant and intolerant.
  • “Didn’t I tell you not to let him get to you?”
  • Despite everything she packed, Becky couldn’t shake the feeling that she had forgotten something important.


  • Despite Jeff’s best efforts, it seemed the drone had other ideas.
  • Don’t put that there; you don’t know where it’s been.
  • I swear I will do it if you touch me one more time.
  • The awakening sun slowly rose above the slumbering hills.
  • Linus did care what the others thought. He did believe in the Golden Rule.
  • The last of your progeny has moved out of the house. In the midst of the quiet, the house begins to speak to you.
  • Imagine seeing the face of God and discovering it doesn’t look anything like what you expected.
  • “Despite packing everything she felt she would need, Becky couldn’t shake the feeling that she had forgotten something important.”
  • “The Mars expedition couldn’t locate any signs of life because they were looking in the wrong dimension.”
  • Light Saber
  • All men are created equal and should be allowed to discover their God-given talents and develop them to their fullest.
  • Writing is part prayer, perspiration, persistence, persuasion, perseverance.
  • “What the hell were you thinking when you said she looked pregnant?”